3 April 2017

3 April 2017

Last Month

To all those that have suffered Debbie’s demon destruction, our hearts go out to you. To see beautiful boats savagely beaten, docks destroyed and sea defenses impotent against nature’s fury reminds us in Cairns how lucky we were to escape this monster.

Cyclone Debbie

While this is fresh in our minds, probably a good time to look at Cairns cyclone plan . There’s a map on page 8 showing you where you can hide your boat.

Lindsay Joice Series continues

Race Two, a bay race.  See last month’s newsletter for the exciting details.

Race Three, a Double Island race saw five boats starting with ‘Shrek’ taking out first place, ‘Volare’ second and ‘Wild Spirit’ third. No rumors, good or bad, have been received by the editor so it must have been a good race.

Race Four, the Lady Skippers Race – was handicapped by Debbie (the pending cyclone) and the race put off until the following week. Unfortunately, communication confusion and a lack of lady skippers meant a repeat postponement. Race Five is due on Saturday the 8th, a bay race then, hopefully, we can give the lady skippers a go on Sunday. Check out the Club website of the Facebook page for further announcements.

Ellis Beach Opening Regatta

The highlight of last month was the Ellis Beach opening regatta. The weekend started hopefully with a full contingent of Laser’s and Paces making the journey from the Boat Shed at the Marina. The fleet launched with enthusiasm into a light northerly with most skippers making it across the start line in some semblance of a racing fleet. The excitement died with the wind the winners being those that managed to finish the course while others struggled a to get to the start. Of course, that was just a warm up because the real action was at the Clubhouse where and excellent dinner of slow-cooked pulled pork was served up by the Ellis team. Rumours of accompanying crackling went up in smoke. Ellis beach after's - 6It’s great to see the new generation of sailors getting introduced to this wonderful little spot of ours

Sunday sailing was more succesfull and the dinghies and cats got a reasonable workout.Ellis beach after's - 7

Discover Sailing Day

All hands on deck! A mobilised army of volunteers turned up to make this a great event. The ‘Sailability’ boats were out in force and clearly, some skippers were not at all disabled in the normal sense of the word but Club members were seen having fun ripping around in these little tubs. Pacers showed their paces with some of our junior members introducing newbies to the art of having fun on the water whilst staying upright. Great effort team! The fleet of keelboats were well represented and many people enjoyed an hour of pleasant big boat sailing. It was great to see some dinghy sailors that completed the Learn to Sail programme, stepping up to have a go in the keelboats. We look forward to seeing them back again as there is always room for an enthusiastic crew on these boats.

Discover Sailing Day - 3

As usual, it was pleasing to have some lovely students from Canada gracing our decks. We look forward to them studying things nautical with us while they are in Cairns.

Discover Sailing Day - 4

A really big “thank you” to our volunteers who kept the wheels oiled and the troops fed. This is what our Club is all about, everyone mucking in to help where & when they can.

Coming UP – This Month

  • Tuesday, April 4th & Thursday April 6th – Sailability is on again with increased numbers of participants. It’s great to see people that would not normally be able to enjoy the pleasures of sailing getting immense pleasure from the fleet. If you would like to join the happy group of volunteers that help these people in and out of boats and even go sailing with them your input would be most welcome. See the Facebook page for further updates, sailing days etc.
  • Tuesday, April 4th 5:30 pm – Sailing Committee meeting – at the Club Rooms. All welcome, come and share your ideas of fun things we can do with sailing boats.
  • WAGS:  Every Wednesday. It’s great to see backpackers returning to enjoy the afternoon sailing on their temporary membership, all are invited to share their stories and share a drink afterwards. The rum still flows if you are first over the line and if rum is not your thing some good Russian vodka is on offer. Those with more refined tastes can take home a couple of bottles of the wine of your choice. So launch into WAGS and be a winner.
  • Saturday, April 8th – Lindsay Joice Series – Race Five – The last (I think) of the series. This will be an inlet race. Roumour has it that the Lady Skippers race will be on Sunday to make up for the past postponements so watch the CYC Facebook Page for announcements. CYC Facebook Page for announcements.
  • Friday, April 14th – Fitzroy Island Easter Rally. Support on of our best sponsors, join the armada to Fitzroy & Easter fun at Roxie’s bar.
  • Tuesday 25th April – ANZAC Day social. Watch the CYC Facebook page.

           Please see link below for Courses and Sailing Instructions.  Refer to club noticeboard on the day to see what time the handicapper has allocated to your boat.

  • Sailing Instructions
  • WAGS courses  (REVISED FEB 2016 – PLEASE NOTE)
  • Saturday, 29th April to 1st May – Tinaroo Sailing Club, May Day Regatta – Try some fresh water sailing with NO tides.


General Notices

  • TWW discounts – So long as members show a current membership card they can receive a discount of 10%.discount of 10% on good quality work wear.
  • TWW are Proud sponsors of sailing in Cairns and supporting CCYS and CYC, All members from both clubs will recieve a 10% discount off anything in store or “rain check Items” (I think that means they will order them in if they can).
  • Members Must show their membership cards(this not only proves they are members but makes sure that the sponsor sees he is getting a return from his support.
  • CYC Club T-Shirts AND Hats – There are new CYC Club t-shirts now available by contacting Margie. Get a hat to match your T-shirt, any colour, so long as it’s white. Get in quick, the tourists like these. They have “Great Barrier Reef” on the back so they can remember where they have been when they get home. Actually, you wouldn’t have a clue where most hats come from let alone yacht club hats, so that’s a great addition.
  • YQ newsletter is published monthly  – for all the last YQ news
  • CYC current office hours

  • Tips & Tricks

For those that didn’t understand “apparent wind” last month. Get your head around this…


V = boat speed, H = head wind, W = true wind, A = apparent wind, α = pointing angle, β = angle of apparent wind…. ??? Brain freeze ???

Put simply… the wind experienced by an observer in motion is the relative velocity of the wind in relation to the observer. So the faster the observer goes the more the wind apparently comes from the direction of travel. Except, umm, when the true wind is from behind the direction of travel then, if the observer is travelling as fast as the true wind, then he has no apparent wind. Perhaps Wikipedia can help.

So, the faster you go the more wind there is on the sails, some yachts can make over two times the wind speed. Magic!

Watch this… https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2F379963592194418%2Fvideos%2F656971991160242%2F&show_text=0&width=560” target=”_blank”>sailing in no wind

Next Month – heeling & what happens.

  • From the Editor

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